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The most amazing church service… ever.

So we sat there listening as the boy sang at the top of his lungs the first two verses of one of the more familiar songs.  At the end of it he turned to us and said ‘Hey, I did pretty good!”

Shortly thereafter he showed off his sight reading abilities by saying ‘Hey look mom, it says “Emma” on the screen!’ (It actually said Emmanuel…)

Walking out, one of the members of the procession came out in his long white robes looking quite distinguished.  The boy looked up and said “Is that God?”

What a day…

Break it to me gently. . .

“Dad, I have good news, and I have bad news” the five year old boy told me as he sat down at the breakfast table this morning.

The first thoughts of “listen up, here comes the blog fodder for the day” were accurate of course.  Just the humor in hearing my five year old attempt to prepare me for what came next was fun enough.

“The good news is that you get to sit by me for breakfast this morning (short pause) and the bad news is that I don’t know where I can sit so that Mom can sit by me for dinner.”

I think I responded with something about focusing on the good news, but I can’t be too sure… it was early.

Food Geek Unleashed

OK, so it’s not a secret to many people that the previous 4 years of carb counting have seen me gradually develop what I now believe will be a life-long nutritional obsession.  So when I come across a website that not only caters to this but goes above and beyond, I just have to share.

Aptly named, therein waits a veritable cornucopia of information about the foods we all consume every day. In addition, there is the option to add foods and calculate the exact caloric and nutritive value of a homemade meal. Yes, sadly, I will be doing this with everything gradually over the next few months and I have a feeling it will mean the end of some family favorites, but we won’t mourn those just yet. Let’s think about today instead!

Today we actually had success.  Here are some images from tonight’s dinner, Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole. Originally found in a Southern Living Magazine (circa 2001?) it’s a crowd pleaser that actually makes enough to bake one and freeze one which makes it a huge favorite of mine.  Did I mention all 3 kids eat it without complaint? And now we know everything about it from the amino proteins per serving (who even knew this was something you SHOULD know about a meal??) to the carb count (slightly more relevant to us).  Check this out . . .

So as you can see, this one is pretty good, but not exactly a homerun — the data shows me I might need to tweak the sodium a little but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Now the other recipe I entered? White and Black Bean Chicken Chili? Turns out THAT one happens to be a nutritional marvel. (Yay! I was planning to make it either way, now I’ll just feel better about having seconds.)

Go ahead, gawk at my geekedness and the next time you wonder what YOU’RE eating, try entering it into this nifty site and enjoy the fact that knowledge is POWER! (or something)

And for those of you I’ve already managed to sucker in to the dark side . . . I’ve posted more images from tonight’s recipe below. Aren’t they pretty? 🙂

The Tour Begins…

I believe it was Adrian Plass who wrote about a band called ‘Bad News For the Devil’.  Apparently their claim to fame was a song called ‘Peace Will Come’ – a rocking tune with incredibily deep lyrics.  (“Peace will come, Peace will come, peace will come / Peace has come, peace has come, peace has come”)

This morning I experienced the first lyrical musings from the boy, waxing poetic as he placed his drink cup in the sink.  “Hydrated, hydrated, I…. AM…. Hydrated /  Hydrated, hydrated, I… AM…. Hydrated!

It’s gonna be an awesome tour, I can tell already.

World Tour Tickets on Sale Now

So this morning whilst making breakfast for the kids I was jarred out of my stupor by the boy singing an old Queen favorite, but substituting some lyrics provided by our beloved babysitter.  Apparently the last time she visited and played bowling on the Wii with them, she would encourage each participant by substituting their name in some fashion for the “We will” in “We will rock you”.

I thought it rather appropriate since the six year old (the subject of the singing) has always maintained that she is going to be touring the world singing circuit when she grows up.

We of course are taking advance deposits for future concert tickets (dates to be announced).

And now for a word from our sponsors

OK, so not really, but I read THIS shocking piece of blogerature (that’s blog + literature) and just had to share. For anyone without a few minutes available to click the link, here are the cliff notes:

  • The LA Times reported this July that only 35.1% of the money donated to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in California actually went to the ADA. The rest went to the for-profit fundraisers it hired.
  • The ADA gets $213 million dollars a year of which $7,678,945 is spent on “administrative expenses.” That translated into English means “Salaries for top ADA executives.”.
  • The Charity Navigator site calculates the “fundraising efficiency” of an organization which is how much money it spends to raise a dollar. They report that the ADA spends $.26 to raise a buck. In contrast JDRF spends $.09.

So basically, the next time you want to make a charitable donation, go for the guys who actually use the money to fund useful research rather than outsourced staff-meetings. Besides, if Nick Jonas supports, them, what could be cooler? Right Mom? (Wait, did I just morph into my 8-year old?)

Women, the Essentials – Vol 1, No 3.

This weekend I asked the strawberry blonde girl to assist me in picking up some shoes and removing them to their appropriate closets.

A few minutes later she returned and exclaimed “Whew, that was an emergency!”

“What was an emergency?” I asked nervously…

“Well, the closet was kind of scraggly – there were shoes EVERYWHERE!!! So I had put them all together!”

Be it known that the Great Shoe Crisis of 2008 was averted by my little six year old.

Hope for creeps everywhere

This morning whilst creating one of my many breakfast specialties (point of order – all my recipes are either breakfast or dessert specialties…), my strawberry blonde daughter approached me holding her Strawberry Shortcake and Friends book to inform me that she would like for me to make some “creeps”.

Not just any kind of creep, mind you.

“Strawberry creeps are my FAVORITE!”

Weight loss secrets explored…

I’m going to write one of those books that you see for sale on ebay (I’ve heard) for $19.99 that tells you how to lose weight fast.  You know, you pay the money (I’ve heard) and then it comes and it says ‘re-define your definition of fast and start a workout routine’ (I’ve heard).

This week I started the weight lifting portion of my Wii Fit exercise routine – using the Force to lose weight –  and I must say it is exhausting.  Take for example this exercise:

That may not look like much, but it’s not 15 pounders on the end of the bar there – that is one heavy dude.  I’m getting excited.  If all goes well, before too long I will move to the big leagues, lifting more than my body weight – well almost more I suppose.  Here is the plan:

Thank you Nintendo, for the Wii Fit.  Thank you Xbox 360, for making the Wii Fit’s mind numbing free step exercise exciting and engaging, and thank you LucasArts for the latest exercise program (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed).  Oops.  I think I just spoiled the Ebay secret ending.

CEOs take note

So today as we were driving home from school, the boy proudly reads and announces to his captive audience “BIG 10 TIRES! Right, Mom? Big 10?” 

“Yep, you got it right, buddy”

(pause to process this information)

“But Mom, why is it big TEN tires?”

“Well, that’s just the name of the store”

“But, cars only have FOUR tires, not TEN!”

It’s difficult to argue with the logic of a 5-year old.