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The “A” word.

So yesterday whilst attending a fall ‘fling’ at the boy’s school, I noticed one of his friends taunting him by saying “Hey, I’m gonna tell on you”, to which he whined ‘No…. Don’t tell!!”  The friend made a face and said “I’m just kidding…” Nevermind the fact that my son had no idea what the kid was going to tell on him for, much less the fact that he hadn’t done anything.

So this morning I told him I was going to teach him a neat trick.  “The next time someone tells you that they are going to tell on you, look at them and say.. “AWESOME!!!””

For some reason he and his sisters apparently loved the idea so much that they decided to assist him with some practice.  By breakfast I think he had it down well enough to try it out, though I wonder how naturally it will flow the first few times he attempts it.  Only time will tell.. but when it happens, it’s gonna be Awesome.

Thank-you, Smart People

No. Not the movie. The really, really smart people. This article is a fantastic example of what smart people are capable of. I highlighted the bits I care about the most, but honestly, I’m just really, really happy that smart people exist and that they are using their brain cells to try and make my child’s life a little bit simpler.

JDRF to Provide $1 Million in Funding to SmartCells, Inc., to Advance SmartInsulin(TM) for Type 1 Diabetes

New York, NY and Beverly, MA, October 22, 2008 — The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and SmartCells, Inc. today announced a partnership to advance SmartCells’ SmartInsulin for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. SmartInsulin will be a once-a-day, glucose-regulated insulin that is administered by injection just under the skin. But unlike currently available insulins, SmartInsulin is designed to maintain continuous, tight control of blood glucose levels while reducing the risk of hypoglycemia – like the pancreas does automatically in the absence of diabetes. As part of the agreement, JDRF will provide $1 million in first-year funding to support preclinical safety and efficacy testing. The partnership is structured to support milestone-based funding through proof-of-concept human clinical trials.

 “JDRF’s support will accelerate the commercial development of our SmartInsulin therapy for type 1 diabetes. Our formulation is designed to address the most critical issue in diabetes treatment – achieving tight glucose control without inducing severe hypoglycemic episodes. To accomplish this, patients will only have to inject SmartInsulin once a day using the same needles currently used for conventional insulin. We expect these important treatment benefits will improve patient safety and quality of life while reducing diabetic complications,” said Todd C. Zion, Ph.D., President and CEO of SmartCells. “We are very pleased to have JDRF’s support for this program, and share their commitment to the development of breakthrough treatments for type 1 diabetes.” (Thanks, Todd, and can I just say, so do we?)

Aaron Kowalski, Ph.D., Director of JDRF’s Metabolic Control Program, explained that JDRF is committed to supporting the development of unique therapies that can improve metabolic control for people with type 1 diabetes: “We believe that glucose-regulated insulin may represent a practical solution to the real needs of people with diabetes, and this collaboration illustrates our dedication to accelerating the pace of science leading to cures and treatments for people with type 1 diabetes by helping innovative companies test concepts and bring their products to patients faster.” (Yes, thank-you, Aaron, we agree on this.)

Under the terms of the partnership, the $1 million grant will support testing the safety and efficacy of SmartInsulin in preclinical type 1 diabetes trials. The partnership is intended to accelerate the product’s development and reduce the time needed to progress to human testing. The grant is part of JDRF’s innovative Industry Discovery and Development Partnership Program, which supports companies developing drugs, treatments, and technologies to address type 1 diabetes. (Yep — Smart People ROCK!!)

Sensing a theme.

Current events and current activities are now colliding.  I now wish I had gone into marketing…

These are ‘originals’.

Trust me, I looked to see if there were anymore out there.

The only problem now is that I wish I could print one of these out and put it in my yard.

And for those of you who have no idea what this is about, check out the previous post(s) on Portal.

The Aperture Science Weight Loss Labratory is Now Open.

So my good friend who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty reminded me yesterday of how much fun the game Portal is on the Xbox 360. (click link for a great description on how it works..)   I had played it a while back and marked it as one of the best games around with the best ending I have ever seen to a game.

Last night I picked it back up and realized that while I had finished the game, I had never gone back to try it again – and to my surprise found some ‘unlocked’ levels…. !!!  How fun is that?

So while exercising on the Wii Fit, I was reminded by the Aperture Science Laboratory on my Xbox that at the end of the experiment:

  • There would be cake.
  • I would be missed.
  • I could donate one or more organs to the Aperture Science Laboratory’s Self Esteem Program for girls.

I have a feeling the weight may come off a lot faster, but I am concerned about the cake.

Wii-sistance is futile.

At first, I thought it was cool.  It likes mii.  It’s actually impressed with mii.

But then, something strange happened.

I tried to explain, but….

Now, I am concerned.

If you see Aunt Jen, please tell her to report in.  She’s in the picture below – the one on the far right – sleeping…

100 hours playing video games and still going!

I have to say I believe a new day is dawning.

4 months. 16 weeks. 120 days. This Wednesday 12 of those weeks will have been at least 30 minutes, usually 1 hour without missing a day (around 84 hours). And mom said those games would eat our brains.

As it turns out, they can also burn calories whilst munching on the gray matter.  I have lost almost 20 pounds. Yes, that’s right. 20 pounds.

I am seriously still thinking of trying out to see if I can be to Nintendo and Xbox what Jared is to Subway. But first I gotta find some pants that fit.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I have been using the Wii Fit and the Xbox in an effort to enjoy exercise.  So far it is working out great…

I want to say thanks to my most recent set of work out buddies provided by EA games.  Unfortunately they are scheduled to report back to the Library today.

Think you have Kitty Trouble?

Anyone who has been to our humble abode knows that we have 1 large carpet that we claim is a cat, and one that is a wee bit smaller but compensates with attitude and, well, to put it mildly – issues.  I really thought we had it pretty rough until I saw some video footage of what has to be one of her relatives this morning.

Smile, if it makes you happy.

Do you know this guy?  He looks happy enough, right?  Why is he smiling you ask?  Is it because he is genuinely happy, or is it because he received good news….

How about this guy?

Or this guy?

No?  Not familiar with any of them?  Maybe this will help.

No?  How about this one then.

I have once again come to the realization that money can’t buy you happiness, and now I believe I have learned the truth of it.  LOSING money is where it’s at!

Somehow I don’t think Rudyard Kipling had this in mind, but if you can smile when your company just lost 2.8 billion – I repeat – BILLION dollars (and at the fact that your parachute clause guarantees you will be rewarded for it), then you have a somewhat ‘cushy’ job I should think.

Please, someone, tell them that I bet I can lose money better than any of those CEO’s.  Combined.  While I don’t have the track record yet to prove that, I am a fast learner and have excellent communication skills.  On top of that I can make the data say anything you want it to say with disclaimers of course.  So on paper it could look like the company is losing more than it actually is.  BONUS!

Thanks to for the inspiration.

These are indeed crazy, crazy times.