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Someone called me Normal today, so I wept for joy.

Ok, so I may be exaggerating on the last part of the title.  I didn’t actually weep for joy, but I was very happy about it.  You see, for the past six months I had hoped that I would one day be told that I was normal – as you can probably tell I am not often told that.  Today was the day, which made it extra special – for as I am writing this it is New Year’s eve.  Of course if it actually gets published on New Year’s Eve remains to be seen…

Here’s how it went down.  In 2008, during the 165th hour of fighting the fat by playing video games, I finished a most satisfying round of geometry wars, in which I once again smashed my arch nemesis’s high score (mind you by 20,000 which makes it all the more irritating for him) and moved on to the ‘body test’ portion of the Wii Fit.  Instead of telling me “THAT’S OVERWEIGHT!!!!” like it usually does, my Mii (pictured below) jumped up and down, clapped his hands and gave me the ‘thumbs up’ signal.  Apparently I had obtained normality.

So to get an overall sense of what this actually means I went through the screens that track my progress.  It told me that I had lost weight since the last time, and that I was approaching my goal at a good pace!  I was so happy. . .but then the Wii slapped me back to reality – and that my normality could be fleeting.

Yeah, so what does that mean?

Um, did you seriously just tell me that?

I elected to end the body test here before it got any worse – but here are the results… and I am very happy so far.  From 231 down to 202 in 6 months.   29 pounds, 165 hours.   Gotta love video games.

Ah.  It feels good to be normal, again.

So are you an online gambler yet thanks to this blog?

Over the holidays the blog experienced a nice little hack advertising an online gambling place (though it was only advertised in french so I believe that significantly reduces the number of people affected to hmm, say one of my sisters).    I suppose I will be upgrading the blog soon.  I figured I would go one step further and post the how-to remove it in the links section, so when you see the zRemoving – that’s actually legit. . .

I forgot how annoying troubleshooting could be.  It’s been so long, at least a week or two since I have had to troubleshoot a computer issue.

The big day.

So today was the big day. 

I remember standing in line with my Dad in the summer of 1977 to watch Star Wars.  I don’t remember much about the actual movie at the time other than the fact that I was hooked from that moment on.

I waited several years before letting my kids watch the first Star Wars – today.  Of course it came with the disclaimer that all of the people were actors and actresses, that they were just acting and that shortly after each scene the director yelled ‘cut’ and everyone got up and went on their merry way. . .

The anticipation of the actual event was heightened when the boy saw the DVD case for the movie and summed it all up for me by saying one word –  “Whoa.”

The actual event was fun, though it was interrupted by all manner of things that occur when watching a movie on the TV instead of at the theater. It was also fun to watch them see it for the first time outside of ‘Lego Star Wars’ – and fun to watch their surprise when Han Solo swooped in at the last minute to save the day.  I remember everyone clapping at the theater when that happened. . . 

I had to smile when each of them at a different time asked where Boba Fett was.  Yep, they are definitely my kids.  🙂

Musical Musings Gone Bad

“Kids, listen up – the queen is singing” I said as Aretha Franklin began her Oprah endorsed version of Silent Night. 

“Is that Queen Latifah?” the wife asked.

“Ah, no, this is the Godmother of Soul” I responded in only semi-mock horror.

“Who’s Soul?” the oldest asked.

“Soul is a type of music – as in you feel it down deep in your soul – and this is the QUEEN of soul.” I answered.

“I thought you said she was the Godmother.”

Head, wall, bang, repeat.

Where have you been?

I get this question from time to time, especially when I haven’t blogged anything in over a day or two.  I can explain, really.  You see, I recently made the leap (which I should have done a LOT sooner) from Windows Mobile to a Crackberry.  (Blackberry for those not up on the lingo. . )

I used to judge.  I used to think “how can people become so addicted to something like that?”

I judge no more.

The phone itself is really amazing, and yes before you get started I do know there is a newer version to compete with the IPhone out there, but you see I acquired mine for free.  (Yes, free.)  The phone company discount and a nice little rebate made this the most cost effective and smuggler friendly phone of choice.  Top it off the plan was cheaper and it has the GPS navigator in case I get lost between the house and the Super Target. (It could happen…)

The biggest find for me though was the addition of about 10,000 RSS feeds to my daily life – because I SO needed to read more stuff.  It has come as quite a shock to me how much information I have learned since having this phone though – and I am very glad I made the jump.

I’m telling you, everyone is going to be wanting one of these things for Christmas.  The one drawback?  Having to go and update my blog so that my RSS feed would update to my phone.

Name that profession. . .

There are days when the girls are princesses, horse owners, fairies, cooks, fashion designers, models and some sort of superstars – but I never get an overpowering sense of which profession is actually going to stick.  Then there is the boy.

On a recent trip to Atlanta we made a pit stop at Northpointe Mall, one of our favorite stomping grounds, to hit the carousel and a few other attractions.  Once we got on the ride, the boy became silent – which is extremely unusual.  He looked up, down and around at the other horses, tigers and hippos that would eventually be in motion.

“Hey Dad.  I know how this goes up and down.  See that bar up there?  It goes around and around and when it turns, the horse goes up and down.”

“Why yes it does.  Good job!” I replied.

Fast forward a few days.

“Dad, my leapster is out of batteries…”

“I just changed them yesterday…” his mom called from the other room.

“Here kid, it’s working” I said, turning it on and showing him.

He looked at me and then looked up.  “I will wait till the battery sign comes on the screen, then I will hit pause and bring it to you to show you.”

Sure enough, three minutes later he comes in.  “See Dad?”

There on the screen was a low battery sign and the big word “PAUSE” across the screen.

Techno Wii

Ok – so here is the latest craze when working out with the Wii Fit. (Yes, I am still at it…)

Geometry Wars 2.

It has all the exercise benefit of a techno rave without the dangerous side effects of illicit drugs, permanent scarring from the sight of scary looking things “dancing”, and the horror of witnessing grown men and women chomping on pacifiers.   (Don’t ask me how I know these things.  It’s a long story that I have only shared with my wife and will not repeat again without serious counseling and/or imbibing.)

But I digress.  I think my average was 3500 steps in 30 minutes before I started playing this game.  Thanks to the techno beat and frenetic pace of the game I think I will exceed 14000 steps soon (Just kidding, though I did hit 3775 recently).  Mind you I am a bit concerned about the smoke coming from the yoga mats below the Wii board.  To top it off, my online nemesis got upset when I beat all of his high scores recently, so he played until his fingers fell off and hit some pretty high scores himself.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Thanks to “xboxic” for the pic…