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Wisdom of the ages

Ah kids.  The great equalizer.  The boy was sucking his thumb, cozied up in his parent’s bed whilst I was doing something in the kitchen.  Walking into our room, I expressed my feelings of exhaustion and general tiredness.  When asked by my wife about the suspected reasons for my exhaustion, the boy seized the moment in his usual way.

Taking his thumb out of his mouth only long enough to get the words out, he expressed “Because you go to bed at midnight.”  Thumb back in, enough said.

Dinner conversations that should be served.

Spencer: “Mmmm.  This tastes good with the rats.” (The cold distorted the last word somewhat.)

Dad: “What?”

Spencer: “Mmmm. This tastes good with the rats.”

Emma: “It’s not rats its rice.”

Spencer: “That’s what I said, rats.”

Emma: “NO BUDDY IT’S RICE! R – I – S – E, Rice!”

Hanna: “No it’s R – I – C – E “.

Emma: “That’s what I said, rice”.

Spencer: “Yeah, rats.”

Don’t hate me because I’m dieting.

The results are in.  Six months of playing video games, I hit my goal.  Granted the last three were due to illness (what was that phrase in that movie – “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight!”), but I did it.  I hit 195 – for a grand total of right at 35 pounds lost in six months.

It was with pride that I made my way into the Dr’s office for a checkup.  The visit was to get some meds as I was not feeling well, but I figured while I was there I would ask – nay – insist that they do a blood test.  I was of course a Wii Fit evangelist when talking to everyone on staff and explaining the recent loss in weight since the last visit.  The looks of amazement and envy were worth it.  It made it better to tell them how much fun it was. . .

The blood test results came in the other day, and the nurse explained to my wife that it was bad news.  Apparently my HDL (the “GOOD” cholesterol) was actually lower, but the BAD cholesterol had made a huge drop.  So now the ratio was all screwy and that’s not good as it puts me in some percentile risk for some heart disease or something.  Or was it that there was a .4% increased chance I would be struck by lightning?  Can’t remember.

In any case, when my wife asked what could be done to remedy this drastic situation, the nurse responded with those words we all fear.  “He is going to have to change his diet.”

I have to eat foods that will improve HDL.  And thus began the research.

Apparently, I am going to have to force myself to eat more dark chocolate. 


Red Wine is a must.  At least 1 to 2 drinks a day is a good start. 

More flax seed.  More Orange Juice.  More Walnuts.  And I have to start exercising.

My wife calls it… the “are you kidding me !?!” diet.  I call it – “suffering, with style.”

And being the over-achiever that I am with regards to the exercise, I am finding that red wine can certainly improve more than just the HDL.

So basically, more video games, more wine, more chocolate.

Life can be so hard.

Saving the Universe . . . one veggie at a time

Last week I wasn’t feeling well. In fact, I was downright miserable. In listening to me contemplating whether my family would eat grits or cereal for dinner, my mother took pity on them and baked us a big dish of beefy macaroni and cheese – it’s one of the kids’ favorites. As I was serving it up, it occurred to me that they should have something green or leafy on their plates so I quickly tossed some sugar snap peas into the microwave to steam. Placing the ensemble down in front of them was very rewarding – what can I say? They love food that someone else has prepared and they get that honestly because quite frankly, so do I.

While looking over her meal, our little red-headed pixie acknowledged the presence of the green peas and I commented that yes, it was important to have some kind of a veggie so this was tonight’s fare.

Looking for some silliness (as usual), the youngest red-head then commented about how funny it would be if they ONLY ate green peas.

Rolling her eyes, the all-knowing oldest child had to put in her 2 cents worth of wisdom. “No Spencer, then you would be a Vegenarian.”

Both parents had to exit the room at that point to contain themselves.

Mmm Mmm Good. Sort of.

So we went to a restaurant the other night – let’s just say that when you are there you are family, or something.

The boy was enjoying his salad, especially the croutons.  You know you live in a family that has been affected by Type 1 when you hear a phrase like this –  spoken rather enthusiastically, I might add.

“MMMMMmmm.  Mom, can I have some more ketones?  Except, not the kind Hanna has – these kind.”

Ketones are basically the waste product that is left over in the blood when the body begins to convert fat into energy.  They really …should not be served… and can make one very sick. As Hanna puts it, “they are not my favorite”.