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Drug Week – it’s not just for kindergarteners anymore . . .

Thanks to “Drug Awareness Week” at our school, we’ve had ALL kinds of conversations with our elementary aged kids over the past 7 days driving me to re-evaluate my stance on the age at which our kids should participate in these educational events.

Conversation 1

Hanna: Mom, what are drugs?

Spencer: They are medicines you take too much of.

Mom: errr – not really . . .

Spencer: No, it’s true, they told us today at drug week.

Mom: Greeeat.

EK: Look, I got a ribbon!

Mom: What does it mean?

EK: I dunno.

Conversation 2 (next day)

Hanna: Mom, what are drugs?

Mom: (checking to be sure other children are wearing DVD headsets . . . then insert age-appropriate speech about substance abuse and the various pitfalls ranging from addiction to expense to brain damage – figured she was asking, now was the time to be telling!)

Hanna: Oh.

Conversation 3 (2 days later)

Spencer: Mom, drugs are bad.

Mom: Yes.

Spencer: You didn’t send me a dollar to buy a red drug bracelet.

*sigh* Is it over yet?

Conversation 4 (1 week after the blessed event began)

Spencer: Mom, yogurt is a drug

Mom: No, it isn’t

Spencer: Hmm. Well, bread is a drug.

Mom: No, it isn’t

Spencer: Well (insert name of little K5 friend) says it is.

*rolling eyes*

Mom: Well, it isn’t.

Spencer: Oh. Well maybe just HIS bread is a drug.

I just don’t think I have the energy to fight it anymore. Maybe I’ll write a note suggesting they skip the K5 classes next year.

Questions, questions

5 minutes.  3 kids.  Infinite question possibilities.   Take for example the following questions, asked by the redhead.  The format was:

1.)  Ask question.  2.)  Pause ever so briefly for the answer.  When the answer is given, immediately follow it up with a question from a completely unrelated category.  3.)  Repeat.

“Mom, did you know the word ‘soup’ is a sight word?”

“How did you guys get engaged?”

“Can you eat a slug?”

Veggies – Pt. 2

Me: Ems, what does this note mean? (show small red-headed girl THIS plea for help)

Ems: Well (squirming slightly as if recalling something unpleasant) it was a dream. (More hesitation) They were all being . . . EATEN!! (look of abject horror – then runs off down the hall)

So there you have it. Crisis averted. We have saved the veggies.

I didn’t point out her obvious ethical conundrum the next time we ate broccoli.

Pixie Dust

There are definitely days when I wish I saw things more like my 7 year old!

I will never see my pumpkin candle-holder quite the same way again thanks to the fact that for over a week now I have found this while cleaning down my counter tops. She takes this wand everywhere with her, but somehow, at the end of the day, it winds up right where she feels it should be . . . with the magic pumpkin (candle) of course.

Today I think I need a little more pixie dust. Or possibly just some really good pumpkin spice egg nog!