Monthly Archives: December 2009

Well the weather outside might be frightful (depending on where you live)

Spencer: Mom, I thought it was supposed to rain today.

Mom: Well, it said “scattered” thunderstorms so maybe we just didn’t get any.

Spencer: What does scattered mean?

Mom: It means it rained somewhere else but not here.

Spencer: (in his most genuine small boy voice) Like in China?

Mom: (laughing) No.

Spencer: How about Australia? Or Peru? (not pausing for breath)

Mom: (Laughing so hard I can’t even correct him now)

Spencer: OH, I KNOW! How about our nearest neighbor, Mexico?

At least I know he’s paying attention in Spanish class.Feliz Navidad - we're not dreaming of a white Christmas.

US History – small boy edition

Yesterday the kids were apparently Seriously? Sack-of-what did you call me? acting out some mutated version of what Hanna has been learning about in US History. Working in the kitchen, I tried to listen in but all I could discern was that it involved pilgrims and Indians – which seemed odd considering that since we’ve passed Thanksgiving most of their skits currently revolve around taking turns performing their own (often lyrically-challenged)  versions of Christmas classics. As I gave up and walked out of the kitchen all I could hear was the small boy exclaiming indignantly to one of his sisters –

“Stop telling me what to do, Sackadoodle!!”

“Buddy, it’s Sacagawea.”

Goodness only knows what his 4th grade history teacher will have to un-teach him by the time he makes it to US History.