Monthly Archives: July 2010

Enter the boy…

Hmmmm maybe not.

An interesting trend is emerging as the boy gets older.  His quick wit and sarcasm are becoming a force for his sisters to overcome.

Complaining that her camp buddy defied the buddy system and left her alone in the restroom, the oldest girl made the mistake of conversing about it within earshot.

“Maybe she just forgot and was in a hurry to get back to the rec hall” her mom replied, with great empathy.

“Maybe she just didn’t like you anymore” the boy added, with a bit less empathy.

Language Lessons

Recently the girls were lamenting the fact that they could not stay and watch a movie at a swim club party.

Firefly fans will be so proud...

“Mom, why can’t we stay and watch?”

“Well, there’s just some language in the movie that we feel is inappropriate for your age group” mom so eloquently replied.

“What kind of language?” asked the red head.

“Just inappropriate language.”

“Like Chinese?”