What I’ve been doing this summer . . .

Are we there yet?

The dog days of summer have arrived and set up camp here in the deep south. It’s hot. Really hot. And at least in this house,  it’s making us all a little grumpy because the humidity and the temperature are about equal now, even at night, and it has been raining every. single. afternoon for almost 2 weeks. Yesterday, in a rare moment of mostly blue sky, I threw the kids’ bathing suits at them and we raced up to the pool for a few moments of enjoyable summer play time. However, now that our swim team season is officially over, the rest of their time has been spent memorizing an inordinate amount of Phineas and Ferb. I could feel guilty about it, but as that would just add to my summer ho-hums, I chose not to. Mostly because I’ve actually been doing something productive this summer. I’ve been turning our house into a classroom while attempting not to make it look like all we do is WORK here.

It’s true, this post should more accurately be titled “I know what I + several of my un-paid, conscripted, email-reading, internet shopping, homeschooling-friends-in-the-know did this summer,” because there is no way this kind of thing happens alone. But while waiting for the planets to finally align, the boxes to be unpacked, and the dust to settle . . . I admit, this is pretty much what I hoped we’d be looking at in our hallway.

Aahhhh. Order, how do I love thee?


Well-planned curriculum. (aka: ‘shiny new textbooks’ YAY!)


Knowledge, waiting to happen! 🙂

Oh and the dreamy avocado green hanging pockets are just the cherry on my sundae, thanks to a bestie who hooked me up with the Container Store! LOVE!!

Yes, I do realize that it will probably never look this pretty again, but for right now, as far as I’m concerned (and surprisingly, the kids too), this is almost as lovely a sight as full stockings on Christmas Morning! And I spent probably as much time shopping for it’s contents – maybe more? LOL The girls have big plans for these pockets. I believe bedazzling was discussed. The boy asked if we could put a giant Mario on his. Maybe I’ll work on that. I’ve googled pretty much everything else this summer, I’m sure it can be done! 😉

If I’m feeling brave, later on in the week I might post some pictures of our other work areas, but tonight this hallway is my happy place because it means I’m done! The planning is over. The books are here, the kids are here, all we need is a deep breath, copious amounts of prayer,  and a whole lot of ‘ready, set, go!’

Welcome to August, people. The Homeschool Adventure awaits . . .

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