Things that made me happy today . . .

(Just in case anyone thinks all we do is homeschool!)

The fact that everyone is looking is picture-worth in itself!!

My son and his peeps. Aren’t they adorable?!!!

I’m sure they’d rather be almost any other adjective, but the giant #8 on top of his red velvet cupcakes almost finished me off, so he gets whatever adjective I choose tonight!!

Can you beat that expression?!!!

His face? Are you kidding me here? *LOVE*

Can we play now?!

Happy 8th Birthday, (not so) small boy!

I can hardly stand it that you’re already 8, but you’re one cool dude so I guess it’s ok. Just maybe stay a tiny bit little, even if it’s just on the inside, for me, OK?  OK.

We love you!! 🙂

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