8 hours x 5

“What did you do with your 8 hours, Mommy?” I laughed out loud but really, this question sucked all the oxygen out of the car the first time I heard it from my 1st grader!

The kids all *loved* school – they loved their 8 hours! (Right??)They enjoyed their friends, had some wonderful teachers, and were making good grades (which = learning, right??). But the more times I heard this question, the more it made me think long and hard about how I really wanted to spend my 8 hours.

Today, I’m really tired. I got up not so early (7:30am, yay, homeschooling!), helped everyone learn something in their 8 (hundred) subjects, ran some errands, cleaned the house, took kids to swim practice, went to the gym  . . . realized it was the wrong class  . . . decided to stay anyway (the jury is out on whether that was wisdom), came home, skyped with one of my relatives in Australia, cooked dinner, helped clean it up,  and fell in a heap. And you know what? I’m so much happier about what I did with my 8 hours today than I was the last time my son asked this question.

Last night I read a blog (yep, I’m not kidding, ALL the time, people. I probably need therapy but so far it mostly has good implications.)  and it commented that this particular blog family had done the math and figured out that they get to spend 1,440 more hours each year with their kids than they would if their children attended school outside the home.


Oh. My. Word.

Because the next time we do this will be after I next blink.

The “8 hour” question was not the reason we decided to homeschool our children, but I can confidently say that it played a major part in our initial discussions on the matter. Knowing that even our kids noticed how much time we were spending apart and wanted to do something about it? Well . . . let’s just say, I’m happily providing him with an additional 1,440 hours of my time this year.

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