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Drug Week – it’s not just for kindergarteners anymore . . .

Thanks to “Drug Awareness Week” at our school, we’ve had ALL kinds of conversations with our elementary aged kids over the past 7 days driving me to re-evaluate my stance on the age at which our kids should participate in these educational events.

Conversation 1

Hanna: Mom, what are drugs?

Spencer: They are medicines you take too much of.

Mom: errr – not really . . .

Spencer: No, it’s true, they told us today at drug week.

Mom: Greeeat.

EK: Look, I got a ribbon!

Mom: What does it mean?

EK: I dunno.

Conversation 2 (next day)

Hanna: Mom, what are drugs?

Mom: (checking to be sure other children are wearing DVD headsets . . . then insert age-appropriate speech about substance abuse and the various pitfalls ranging from addiction to expense to brain damage – figured she was asking, now was the time to be telling!)

Hanna: Oh.

Conversation 3 (2 days later)

Spencer: Mom, drugs are bad.

Mom: Yes.

Spencer: You didn’t send me a dollar to buy a red drug bracelet.

*sigh* Is it over yet?

Conversation 4 (1 week after the blessed event began)

Spencer: Mom, yogurt is a drug

Mom: No, it isn’t

Spencer: Hmm. Well, bread is a drug.

Mom: No, it isn’t

Spencer: Well (insert name of little K5 friend) says it is.

*rolling eyes*

Mom: Well, it isn’t.

Spencer: Oh. Well maybe just HIS bread is a drug.

I just don’t think I have the energy to fight it anymore. Maybe I’ll write a note suggesting they skip the K5 classes next year.

Dinner conversations that should be served.

Spencer: “Mmmm.  This tastes good with the rats.” (The cold distorted the last word somewhat.)

Dad: “What?”

Spencer: “Mmmm. This tastes good with the rats.”

Emma: “It’s not rats its rice.”

Spencer: “That’s what I said, rats.”

Emma: “NO BUDDY IT’S RICE! R – I – S – E, Rice!”

Hanna: “No it’s R – I – C – E “.

Emma: “That’s what I said, rice”.

Spencer: “Yeah, rats.”