A new type of hero

No Batmobiles here!The kids are all very proud of their uncle who is currently serving our country in the US Air Force.  He was recently deployed, so we took the kids to the airport to see him off and wish him a safe, speedy return. On the way to the airport, the conversation naturally turned to what he might encounter while overseas.

Ems: Well, I know that there is a war where the bad guys hide in caves.

Spencer: But what do they do? The bad guys?

Ems: They hurt women and children!! (apparently they discuss these things in 2nd grade?!)

*collective gasp*

Ems: Buddy, they’re bad guys. You know, like Mr. Freeze and Two-Face on Lego Batman?Take me to your leader, airforce dude!

The new (two) face of terrorismAnd with that I realized that thanks to the X-Box 360 my kids world view of terrorism would never be the same. On the one hand, I’m thankful – a little lego perspective is a good thing – no one really needs the cold hard facts when they’re 6 do they? On the other hand, we know better – and we continue to pray for the safe return of their uncle. To them, he really is just as heroic as Lego Batman!!

Stay safe, Uncle J!

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