Day 1 down . . . 179 to go!

Day 1 is down.

I’m trying to take it all in stride – especially the part where I asked my young students what their favorite part of the day was. Two of them answered with enthusiasm “PIANO!” (which I didn’t teach), and the other one sighed contentedly and said, “The white board crayons.”

I promise they picked out those textbooks on their own too!

My husband assures me that this is not a reflection on my teaching abilities. He was a straight ‘A’ student, and when asked that question as a boy, he always replied with gusto,  “PE and Lunchtime!” (Go figure, my kids used to say “Car Pool line!”)

So rather then being offended at this end to day 1, I suppose I will congratulate myself that apparently my kids are well on their way to normalcy. I must be doing a good job.

Well on their way to genius IQ. Should I tell the tween I posted this?

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