Homeschooling in the Forest

We’re all familiar with the saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

What I’m wondering, is how many other homeschooling families feel like their lives in many ways resemble this remark? I don’t mean that I’m lonely. In fact,  I’m not currently struggling with ‘missing out’ on the hustle and bustle of being in the school parking lot by 7:25 am  (altho’ I’m missing my early-morning peeps something terrible). BUT, I have to admit, it lends a tinge of “unreality” to this whole situation knowing that no one other than my spouse and our young students will notice if I don’t roll out of bed and show up for ‘morning duty’.

The fact is, we DO get up, we finish our work, we take recess, we work some more, we eat lunch, we go to our activities – but by week 2, it’s beginning to feel a little bit like we’re actually homeschooling secret agents leading a mysterious double-life: Relatively normal mom + kids by afternoon/evening . . . Fringy, off-grid mom + unsocialized kids by day!


Agent P probably homeschools - but we'd never know . . .

The irony is, it’s not nearly that secretive! In fact, we are out and about, for errands, hair-cuts, dr. appointments, grocery store runs, trips to the gym etc., more than even I thought we would be, simply because we have the flexibility to do things when they work for US (Woah! Novel! Score one more for homeschooling! Is anyone keeping up with my tally or should I be doing that?!).

We’re also about to jump headlong into our fall activities, which will include an unprecedented line-up of swimming, dance, and soccer . . . because we can. Our afternoons and evenings are free now that we aren’t spending them doing homework. I’m grateful, but the “secret” schooling thing still has me feeling a tad metaphysical.

As it turns out, I’m probably not the best candidate for moving to one of those towns in Alaska where they film amazing documentaries about things like The Iditarod Race. (Altho, I’d say they definitely get more press than homeschooling.)   And maybe it would make a difference if I simply let someone know – “Hey! Yes, we’re here, in the forest, doing our work, I promise!”

I don’t know.

But since I don’t have a ready solution to this quandary, I’ll end by offering to anyone out there feeling the same way, gimme a heads up and I promise to take note of your trees falling!


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