I understand leaves look like this in places with seasons - just not around here. So apparently FALL has arrived, or Autumn, as I’m more accustomed to calling it. Either way, we’ve noticed a distinct drop in the humidity and, for at least 3 whole days, a dip in the temperatures too.  To celebrate this auspicious occasion, and because we’re currently studying poetry as part of our Creative Writing curriculum, I am including a Haiku written by my small boy. Yes, it is his very first. No, I didn’t help him at all (except to confirm that he did indeed have the required number of syllables per line).

Who would’ve thought my little engineer would have such a way with words? And yet he is consistently making me smile with his couplets, Haikus and other expressions. Just one more thing to love about being the one to teach him these things – an even deeper appreciation for the effort and glee that went into the making of these 17 syllables . . .


October is fun

It is fire pit season

It is raining leaves

Today we finished school a little early. Not by any real design other than the fact that everyone got their work finished by lunchtime. To celebrate, I broke our usual routine of quickly made deli sandwiches and instead served cheese quesadillas with left-over chili, fritos and a homemade brownie for dessert. While they surveyed their Mexican feast (+ brownie), knowing they were done for the day and all that awaited was the promise of a lazy afternoon, the oldest sighed and said . . . “No offense (previous school), but I LOVE this.” The others nodded and agreed through mouthfuls of lunch before running off to play.

Our afternoon has been spent with me perusing blogs, recipes, and information overload via the internet with one-eye open, and the kids playing with Barbies and Lego in the other room, while a slight breeze blows through the house from our open windows. It somehow makes the last 10 weeks even more worthwhile knowing that they are enjoying an extra 3 hours of childhood today.

And so we have made it to the end of our first quarter where despite some rocky days (Did I mention it IS possible to have a deficiency in homeschool? Why yes, it is!) and some hectic days (broken vacuum cleaner and customer service reps extraordinaire, anyone?), I think we are all holding onto the promise that homeschooling is the right forum for us to facilitate the education of our children this year.

Onward and upward and into the second quarter we boldly go . . .

How our pirates spend their time now . . .

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