What Rainy Days are made for . . .

This is how our Kittiez chill while we're doing school . . . they love the laid back lifestyle!

My small boy sat at the kitchen bar today, with his sisters, after lunch. They were discussing what to do with this rainy, gray afternoon. We  settled on a new movie they had borrowed a while ago, but hadn’t yet watched at home.

Then suddenly, he piped up with,” Mom, I hope we homeschool forever.”

The girls chimed in with a quiet, “Me too!” And then they all gave me *that look* – the one that says, “you hope so too, right Mom??”

I smiled, realizing how different this day was from the disruptive, chaotic atmosphere we “enjoyed” yesterday, when everyone seemed to leave all of their ‘mojo’ AND most of their ‘A-game’ in bed! *sigh* Yes, some days are just like that. We make it through, everyone goes to bed, and we get up the next day, hopefully with a clean slate and a better attitude. For the latter, I’m referring to myself since my students are typically over it before their heads hit the pillow! 😉

I reminded them that we homeschool because we feel like it’s what the Lord led us to do this year, but on a personal level, I hoped we could continue with it. They’ve been seeking a commitment from me about the following school-year, but not for the reasons I suspected they would at this point in our journey. They miss their close friends, and mention them pretty much daily or weekly. Yet each one has approached me with questions and ideas for next year’s curriculum; each one has asked me to continue studying at home.

The conversation then turned to what might happen if we ever felt like He was leading us back to regular schooling.  I reminded them of the joy we find in obedience, but often not until AFTER we’ve taken that epic step – a trip down memory lane, anyone?? (Number 5 was a biggie.) I cited some well-known Bible characters, like Abraham and Isaac – the same ones that my wise, talk-me-down-from-the-ledge husband used back in June.

I can scarcely believe what we would have missed in our lives if I’d said a big, fat, fearful, resounding, “NO!!” when we felt the gentle nudging to homeschool. It makes my throat close up just imagining.

When I reminded them of their tearful first reaction to our thoughts last summer; they all shook their heads remembering. Now with big smiles, they are wiser and infinitely less fearful of the “unknown,” simply because, well, now it isn’t.

And so the afternoon was spent with the 3 of them piled under blankets and pillows watching “A Dolphin Tale,” munching on popcorn and homemade lemon-sugar cookies. I curled up on my bed with my iPod and returned emails while keeping one eye on some Food Network tv shows I recorded earlier in the week, day-dreaming of the ‘free-time’ I would hopefully have at some point.

When I heard the rain starting to fall, I realized it was time for car-pool. I was instantly relieved. I realized that I very much enjoy not having to dash out in the rain, or cold, or heat-wave to collect my babies from the school parking lot. I love that instead, our afternoons are spent wallowing in meaningful conversations about obedience, blessing, and favorite movies.

My Academic Olympians studying the Greek influence on early Roman civilizations . . . or something

PS.  I also don’t miss getting SOAKED to the bone on a regular basis – just in case anyone else has ever attempted to collect 3 school-kids during a rainstorm here in the South and can relate to me keeping it real!! 😉

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