What one of my students learned. . .

I teach CIS 101 on occasion – this is an example of one of the more entertaining final exams I received from one of my classes…



    CIS or Computer Information Systems was very informing and turned out to be a very fun class to take. I came in naive but, through hard work I have learn a lot about the Microsoft Office concepts. I learned concepts from Microsoft Word, Excel, and the most important Power Point because I really want to utilize what I’ve learned to my career. Let me give you a journey of my experience in CIS 101

    Before this class I considered myself very computer literate but, after I did a couple of assignments, I came to the obvious realization that I really didn’t know jack. I was confident that I was going to just breeze through the assignments with no problem but, I really had to work hard and show a lot of patients. Through hard work I eventually finished all the assignments and in the process learned so much.

    In Microsoft Word 2007 I learned a plethora of concept and ideas that I intend to use in my career. I learned how to make words become bold, italicized, and underlined on the Home Tab. I also learned how to center, right, left, and j u s t I f y my information. Finally I learned how to insert pictures from the clipart menu and how to resize them like in the beautiful example above.

    In Microsoft Excel 2007 I learn a lot of things that will help me keep up with my finances. The first thing that I learned was how to put information in the cell to project when you will be able to pay off a home that you have or may be currently interested in. Next I learned how to insert charts and how to bring the chart options up which are columns, lines, pie, bar, and many assortments of charts. Finally in excel I learned how evaluate an equation by hitting the auto sum button.

    In Microsoft Power Point I learned things that will make me look as though I am cool and collective but, in actuality I may be extremely nervous. I also learn how to put the slides on the left of the text and how to put the lines on the right like most of the instructors at the University of Mobile. Finally I learn how to put animation to my power point presentations which can be really instrumental especially because I am going to be an elementary teacher.

    CIS 101 was a very informing class that turn out to be a lot of fun. I went into the class as a know it all but, humbled myself and learned a lot of Microsoft concepts. I have mastered Microsoft Office, Excel, and Power Point 2007 which will be very powerful tools in my career.


  1. This is hilarious! I really liked this part: “I came to the obvious realization that I really didn’t know jack.” That’s always a nice touch for a college paper!

  2. Yeah a lot of my students come to that realization. I prefer it happen the first night and not the last, but these days you never can tell when it will happen. . .

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