It’s all about the clothes, anyway!

So the night before our “back-to-school” day, there were some discussions about what outfits the kids would choose for their first day. Everyone knows that school itself is irrelevant, because the outfit is what matters – and given we’ve been in uniforms for as long as any of them can remember, this was cause for conversation (and rejoicing). What I found hilarious was the turn it took when they pondered what their teacher would wear.

Oh, and bear in mind, that for the duration of this conversation I was wearing a dress paired with 3″ heels – rare, but nonetheless . . .

The red-head: “So, Mom, what are you going to wear tomorrow? You know at our old school, all the teachers wore skirts.”

Pause long enough for tumble-weeds to pass through the kitchen while all of them turn and gaze at me uncomfortably.

Me: “Well, I guess at your new school you’ll adapt to your teacher showing up in PJ pants or sweats some days, won’t you?”

Another really, REALLY uncomfortable pause.

The red-head (sounding very concerned now): “Mom, do you even OWN any skirts?”

Is it too early to ask for a raise? Apparently I’m going to need a new wardrobe to go with this new gig.

As you can see, it makes no difference, but I promise I'm dressed in my best 'Day 1 Teacher Chic'!

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